LOVE YOUR HERITAGE – 5                                                                                 .

L’art Pur Foundation organized the exhibition – Love Your Heritage – (5) in cooperation with the King Abdul-Aziz Pales.

It was held in the mud houses of the King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center in Al-Muraba.

The opening was in February 17, 2019.

Exhibition date:

February 17 – 28, 2019.

Participating Saudi artists:

  • Johara saud
  •  Fahad Al-Jomaid
  •  Nayfa Al-Ibrahim VOX
  •  Sara Sultan Al Saud VOX
  •  Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz
  •  Obied Bahameed
  • Maha Matran
  •  Nawaf Al-Dohan
  •  Ola Hejazi
  •  Zainab Al-Mahoozi
  •  Balqees Al-Sultan
  •  Sultan Al-kathiri
  •  Mohammad Al-Rubat
  •  Nasser Al-Turki
  •  Fahad Kholaif
  • Ibrahim Al-Fassam
  •  Hussain Al-Ismail
  • Husanin alramel
  •  Phone Art Saudi
  • Moath Al-Oufi
  • Lamia Al-Haqbani
  •  Alia Mardini
  •  Abeer Al-Towaim
  •  Reem Al-Omran
  •  Huda Al-Bakri
  •  Maram Al-Nowijem
  • Keramous.

The exhibition included contemporary fine art works inspired by the Saudi heritage with

different techniques such as drawing, sculpture, printing and composite works.

 The “Dokan” displays a collection of designs and products inspired by heritage with

a new and innovative vision made and produced by Saudi hands.

 An exhibition of private heritage holdings and artistic and cultural events – workshops.

Work and meetings with artists – scheduled throughout the exhibition days.

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