About us

L'Art Pur Foundation is a renowned private cultural institution founded by H. H. Princess Adwaa bint Yazid Bin Abdallah in 1999, situated in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With a vision to promote cultural and artistic awareness, the foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting both emerging and established artists in Saudi Arabia through a range of engaging art initiatives, exhibitions, public programs, and cultural exchanges. One of the distinguishing features of L'Art Pur Foundation is its impressive art gallery, which boasts one of the largest spaces in the Middle East. Spanning over 540 square meters and designed in a museum-like style, the gallery comprises three halls that are meticulously equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems. Its central location on Takhassusi Street in Riyadh adds to its accessibility and prominence within the city. As one of the pioneering contemporary art institutions in Saudi Arabia, L'Art Pur Foundation has played a significant role in sponsoring and showcasing the works of Saudi and international artists since its inception. The foundation's comprehensive program extends beyond exhibitions and includes collaborations with embassies, art institutions, and industry partners to organize high-standard art events, annual competitions, art workshops, and seminars. In essence, L'Art Pur Foundation serves as a catalyst for artistic growth and development in Saudi Arabia, fostering an environment that celebrates artistic expression, nurtures creativity, and fosters cross-cultural exchange. With its unwavering commitment to the arts, the foundation plays a part in shaping the cultural landscape of the country and inspire both local and international artists alike.


"Love your Heritage" is a contemporary art exhibition initiated and curated by l’Art Pur Foundation since 2015 and held at King Abdulaziz Historical center Riyadh, raising awareness about loving and preserving Saudi history and identity. Love your Heritage showcases contemporary artwork of Saudi artists from different generations and regions in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by Saudi Heritage, the artists are commissioned to create their artwork in harmony with the charming atmosphere and space of the mud house and its history. During the exhibition, an art program of workshops and art talks is scheduled. Love your heritage is an initiative by HH Princess Adwa Bint Yazid, Founder of L’Art Pur, the foundation that aims to nurture Saudi art scene and support Saudi artists since 1999.


L’Art Pur Foundation organizes engagement programs, including various workshops, performance, and event activities that leverage art to engage community members in cultural, social, and economic development in addition to its vocational education through Arts and Skills Institute accredited by TVTC Arts and Skills is the first institute for the study of Visual Arts and Fashion Design in Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2007, and located on the first floor of L’Art Pur Foundation building. ASI aims to develop professionals with knowledge and skills in Arts and Fashion in providing a high standard of contemporary education. ASI offers certified programs and courses accredited by the General Organization of Technical Education and Vocational Training of Saudi Arabia as well as cooperates with prestigious international schools and institutions in bringing International programs responding to the Art Market needs.


Since its foundation, L’Art Pur has held more than 100 art exhibitions inside and outside Riyadh, whether at its gallery space in Riyadh, which opened in 2010 and showcased artworks by well-known international and Saudi artists or through curating and coordinating exhibitions in cooperation with local cultural institutions outside the gallery. L’Art Pur expresses its commitment for cultural exchange by hosting quality exhibitions in its premises in collaboration with the cultural missions in the embassies of foreign countries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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