As I See – Mohammed Al Monif

As I See – Mohammed Al Monif                                                                .

L’Art Pur Foundation presents the 10th solo exhibition of the Saudi artist and

journalist Mohmmed Al-Monif entitled “As I see”, curated by Bassel Al-Kharraz

In this exhibition, the artist discusses 4 themes or “situations” that have accompanied

him since the beginning of his artistic career- “Village”, “Sky”, “Desert” and “Mountains”.

selected from his visual memory to build up and express his philosophy in art.

Through the “Village” collection, the artist Mohmmed Al-Monif expresses

the warmth of feelings surrounded by auras of purity, love and compassion.

The village houses seem like bird nests on a tree or even wombs filled with

containment, attention and family warmth.

As for the collections of “Sky”, “Desert and “Tuwaig Mountains” in its vibrant

colors and shapes, they express feelings of belonging and memories as if the artist is

saying: “My paintings come from the sky and the land of my imagination mixed with memories.

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