Into The Inner Self – Jassim Al Dhamin

Into The Inner Self – Jassim Al Dhamin                                                                 .
Solo Exhibition by the Saudi Artist Jassim Al Dhamin

The L’Art Pur Foundation is dedicated to nurturing the art scene in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is committed to supporting Saudi
artists. In line with this commitment, we are pleased to host the
contemporary Saudi artist Jassim Al-Dhamin and present his second
solo exhibition, titled “Into The Inner Self.”

Jassim Al Dhamin, visual artist, born in 1988 on Tarut Island in the
Qatif Governorate, Eastern Saudi Arabia. His fascination with colors
and illustration at an early age, drawn him to Fine Arts and he gained
confidence through the encouragement of his teachers in the
elementary school. Although he completed his major in electrical
engineering, he never abandoned his passion and developed himself
as an artist through research, experimentation, and continuous
practice in his studio. His first exhibition experience was at the
Young Artists Exhibition at the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and
Arts 2009, where he won the First prize. He won as well the
Acquisition Award for Contemporary Islamic Art from the Ministry
of Culture and Information in 2012. He participated in numerous
group exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries and held his
first solo exhibition, “Hope” in 2014.

“Into the Inner Self” is a captivating exploration of internal introspection
by Jassim Al Dhamin. It emphasizes the significance of the relationship
between one’s inner self and the external world, highlighting the
importance of dialogue between the two to gain a deeper understanding
of existence. The exhibition showcases a collection of Al Dhamin’s latest
works, inviting viewers to embark on their own inner journey and delve
into the depths of the human soul. Each painting is characterized by
vibrant shapes, symbols and colors, creating an expressive world that
reflects human experiences and societal perspectives. “Into The Inner
Self” encourages meditation as a means to attain self-awareness,
fostering personal balance, stability, and personal growth

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