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Photography after 31 years of the Web

The DIAPH 8 collective:

Julia Amarger

Claire Béteille

Judith Bormand

Amélie Cabocel

Pablo-Martín Córdoba

Manon Giacone

Lorraine Lefort

Pernelle Popelin

Rafael Serrano

The World Wide Web, the system thanks to which we can surf the Internet

from one website to another, celebrated its 31st birthday this year.

-It was also some 30 years ago that photography underwent a major technological

evolution as, following the example of other media, it too became digital.

However, as photography transitioned into a means of producing images electronically

and recording them as data, its intrinsic nature and fundamental principles

(capturing a slice of reality and transposing it into an image) were not

necessarily called into question.

This mutation did however wreak havoc on almost two hundred years’ history during

which our definition of photography was inextricably linked to the medium conveying

the image (a photographic print on paper, a reproduction in a magazine etc) and its

usage determined by this support.

By becoming immaterial, the photographic image gradually became an integral

part of the means of communication elaborated by the Web and this integration

has, in passing, abruptly and rapidly accelerated over the last 15 years.

”Michaël Houlette”

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