WOVEN PORTRAITS                                                                                   .

Dreamscapes of a City

Woven Portraits is an exhibition dedicated to celebrating the strength, resilience,
and creativity of women in Riyadh, set against the backdrop of the city’s dynamic
sociocultural landscape. It serves as a platform to honor their diverse
experiences, aspirations, and contributions to the fabric of society.
Woven Portraits explores the multifaceted lives of women in Riyadh, highlighting
their dreams, challenges, and triumphs, delving into the intricate weaving of their
experiences and their dreams, showcasing how they navigate through a rapidly
evolving cityscape while preserving their identities and forging paths of change.

The exhibition features multimedia artworks by artists Daniah Alsaleh and
Catherine Gfeller, inspired by conversations with 37 women from various
backgrounds, all residing in Riyadh. Through their artistic expressions, Alsaleh and
Gfeller capture the essence of these women’s stories, weaving together visual and
auditory elements to create a tapestry of shared experiences. Each artwork
serves as a testament to the resilience and creativity of women in Riyadh.
From themes of loneliness to finding home, grief to forgiveness, the artists’
interpretations offer insights into the complexities of female existence in the city,
inviting viewers to contemplate the broader sociocultural landscape, and engage
with the stories and experiences of the women featured in the exhibition. Through
immersive displays, visitors are encouraged to reflect on their own perceptions of
womanhood, identity and community, fostering dialogue and understanding.

As we navigate through the woven landscape of Riyadh, let us not only admire the
beauty of the threads but also recognize the strength and resilience of the hands
that weave them. Woven Portraits stands as a tribute to the women of Riyadh,
amplifying their voices and celebrating their invaluable contributions to society.

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